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Thinking about where to start your next recruitment campaign

Regardless if you are looking to build your business in selected areas or are simply looking to hire motivated, top-quality candidates. We are here to facilitate your goals. With our Job Posting Package you reach not only one, but three of the top job portals in your desired regions.

The CEE Package

Looking for staff to your company from the CEE region? People in this region are very adventurous and willing to bring their high education and great set of skills abroad.


The Baltic Package

Did you know that more than  80% of Estonians speak more than one language? This is actually true for all Baltics! Find your language skilled and well educated talent from the Baltics!


The Balkan Package

Did you know that, unlike in many other European countries today, skilled and in-demand workers, such as software developers, are widely available in Serbia? In fact, many Balkan countries are home to many educated and language skilled people. 


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